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Remember the Time

Michael Jackson in 'Remember the Time'

It may seem strange to include this 1992 music video for the second single off of Michael Jackson's Dangerous album, but this "short film" (as dubbed by Jackson on his video compilation tape) marks a few key milestones for Singleton in addition to those for Jackson (namely, his first screen kiss). First is the cast of firmly established stars: in addition to Jackson, also featured are Eddie Murphy, Iman, and Earvin "Magic" Johnson; typically, Singleton's stars go on to find more major stardom after appearing in one of his films. Second, "Remember the Time" marks Singleton's first use of extensive visual effects, which illustrate Jackson's character's magical powers. Third, it marks Singleton's first "period piece" more or less, it being set during Ancient Egyptian times. Then, of course, there are the usual trappings that come with a music video, especially a Michael Jackson video--elaborate choreography. Singleton does a more than adequate job juggling these heretofore unhandled elements, and the result is a polished, entertaining video that is distinctive from most standard MTV fare.

--Review by Michael Dequina, January 1999

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